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Updated 14th June 2016


We wanted to preserve the memory of the “Farewell Gig” that was, even though subsequent events have proved that that gig was not to be the very last.

The “farewell gig” has to be one of the best shows ever performed by the band. Performed at Frome’s Cheese and Grain on New Year’s Eve 2014, the audience of some 630 were certainly ‘up for it’ and so were the band. A great sound quality merely enhanced what was a fantastic band performance on a night to remember at a great venue. Surely one of the best ever tribute bands and fantastic entertainers were going out on a high whilst still at their peak!

Check out some footage and images from our friends below which we hope reminds us and illustrates what a great NYE event we had! And a great big “THANK YOU” to each and every person who came along and supported the band over 20 years of Sgt Pepper Beatle Mania at about 800 gigs in all!

"The Stage Set"   "The Stage Set - from the side"
"The Stage Set"   "The Stage Set - from the side"
"Paul McCoatoff"   "John Legend"
"Paul McCoatoff"   "John Legend"
"Well into it!"   "The Stage Set - from the back"
"Well into it!"   "The Stage Set - from the back"
"Nearing the End"   "Signing Off"
"Nearing the End"   "Signing Off"

Farewell Sing-along to Hey Jude


Belladrum ‘Tartan Heart’ Festival

Review from FlyinShoes- an on-line music site - re their coverage of the Belladrum Festival.

"Sgt. Pepper's Only Dart Board Band were pretty amazing; I was passing the tent, thinking the P.A. was playing Abbey Road when I realised that it probably wasn't George Harrison playing guitar I could hear. So five guys in Sgt. Pepper pyjamas, I thought, and sporting 1967 wigs were recreating late period Beatles, as tight and powerful as could be and allowing just enough space for their own character, so as not to be totally slavish."

What a great quote and what a great little festival! Little? Well, there were about 15,000 there, a sell-out, but there was a great family-type atmosphere which makes this festival, near Inverness, the glorious event that it is. I suppose it is a mini version of Glastonbury, if that is possible, but obviously much more confined to a smaller space. The organisers have tried to make the best use of space on a wonderfully attractive highland estate setting and have achieved this well. Perhaps one or two stages would benefit from re-siting to more advantageous positions but overall it is a well laid out and friendly site.

Sgt Pepper's Only Dart Board Band was privileged to be asked to appear on both evenings of the festival at their Venus Flytrap stage. The stage was set up at one side of a 'big top' circus style tent with bags of space for a few hundred. The boys were all 'boy-yed' up having chatted up Sharlene Spiteri of Texas in the Artist's Café beforehand and were much encouraged to perform an upbeat set. Both nights went exceedingly well with good audience responses despite competing against Texas on the main stage on the Friday evening and then Guillemots and Deacon Blue on the Saturday evening.

Here are a few shots of the band in action and also one of John Legend who was desperate to find a mirror at make-up time!

Sgt Pepper at Belladrum More Sgt Pepper at Belladrum "John Legend" - touching up! "Paul" at Belladrum


Sir Peter Blake with "John" and "Paul"

The band had the privilege to perform at Bath's famous Holburne Museum for Art on Friday 13th May. This was to an invited audience of about 200 and included Sir Peter Blake, the artist who designed the legendary Sgt Pepper album cover for The Beatles, and who was guest of honour in reopening the museum. Sir Peter had been involved with the museum for its grand re-opening which had been closed for three years. The band played a one hour set which was extremely well received, so much so, they returned on Saturday 14th and played a 45 minute unplugged set to about 200 visitors which was also well received before dashing off, with Sgt Pepper outfits adorned and somewhat askew, to play an evening wedding reception gig a few miles away!"


A great weekend (9/10 October 2010) was had by all who attended the Lennon at 70 celebratory concerts hosted by Sgt Pepper's Only Dart Board Band. The first, at The Castle, London, featured guests Alan Clayson, Mosquito-B and The Oz. The second, at Mr Kyps Club, Poole, also featured special guests Dodgy who performed a set with some of their Indie songs from the 90's but also with a good sprinkling of Lennon songs. The other guest bands also performed their own versions of Beatles and Lennon material. A great big message of appreciation has been sent by the band to all who worked so hard to make the weekend such a big success. Check out all the info at www.myspace.com/sgtpeppersonlydartboardband

Prior to the weekend concerts, John Legend of the band and his rather young Yoko look-a-like (bear in mind the guys in the Pepper Band are now older than the originals!), encamped in a Bournemouth hotel for their Bed-In protest. The hotel was in fact the former Palace Hotel where The Beatles had stayed in the 60's whilst shooting Hard Days Night. View the video of the protest on You Tube below.

Math Priest's Radio Podcast

The delightful Math Priest, drummer from indie band Dodgy (and occasional drummer for Sgt Pepper's Only Dart Board Band),
has made a funny and inquisitive radio podcast about tribute bands. Worth a listen as it features The Australian Pink Floyd,
The Bootleg Beatles, Bjorn Again, Ian Broudie of The Lightning Seeds (Math performed with them in the late 90's),
and, of course, Sgt Pepper's Only Dart Board Band.

Check out this link: http://soundcloud.com/targo/from-o2-to-fingle-glen-a-tribute-to-tributes


"Being John Lennon - Days in the Life of Sgt Pepper's Only Dart Board Band". Read about the hilarious adventures of the band in the first biography to be published in the UK about a top tribute band by top London rock publishers SAF. The book is available from SAF and from all good bookshops and internet stores. www.safpublishing.com

"BEING JOHN LENNON Volume 2 - The Tragical History Tour"

The sequel to "Being John Lennon" is available in download form from AMAZON. Volume 2 sees the band receiving adulation and encountering disaster in equal measure on a tour of Central Europe. Their first appearance at Liverpool's legendary Cavern Club is also featured in the Cavern Diaries section of Volume 2.

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Updated 14th June 2016